Urban Outfitters Sunglasses/ Top Nastygal / Varsity Skirt Nastygal/ Jeffrey Cambell Teramo Sneakers from Nordstrom

Lips: MAC Ruby Woo

I’m not sure what the heck I was thinking when I put on all black faux leather to go to Miami beach in the middle of summer. I thought I’d try this summer’s popular (and unlikely) trend of leather looks. Guys, this is what you SHOULDN’T do. Ever.  The end result: all types of sweat the ONE day I didn’t bring my makeup sponge. Oh, the horror.


Anywho, I took this at The Standard Miami while event-hopping with Melanie (who actually snapped these photos, thank you!), Charnele, and Maika. Good times, good times.


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  • Melanie

    Haha, it felt awful but you looked good! At least you couldn’t get makeup on your WHITE DRESS, ahhh! Thank goodness that didn’t end up worse than it did, haha. Thanks for letting me be your partner in crime for the day :)

    • Thefierce

      Only you saw that makeup on your dress! lol, Be my partner in crime, any time girlll!

  • Izael G

    Hahaha what a shame! Unless you looked totally rad!! Love your outfit